Welcome to our exhibition for babies and toddlers.

This exhibition was developed with children aged 0-2 and designed based on their wants and needs.

Children want adults to SEE what they are doing, but not talk about WHAT they should do.
Small children communicate with looks, facial expressions and body language. So you need to be available for your child. Sit next to them on the adjacent pouffes, benches or on the floor. Or why not cuddle up together in the boat for a while. Stay close by, observe your child and give him or her plenty of feedback.

Basic principles in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child:

  • The right of the child not to be discriminated against
  • The best interests of the child foremost
  • The right of the child to life and development
  • The right of the child to be heard and respected

Children are the experts in this exhibition. That's why we worked with children aged 1-2 years from a local preschool in Haparanda and another in Luleå.

The exhibition has been produced by Norrbottens museum in cooperation with Norrbottens Hembygdsförbund. The exhibition is produced with the support of PostkodLotteriets Kulturstiftelse.

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