Archive center

Norrbotten Museum's archives and library together with Norrbotten's Association Archives offer access to archive documents and publications about the county's history and cultural heritage. The archive center receives, stores, cares for and makes archive documents, documents and literature available. The staff is also answering questions about archives and care of archive documents.

The archives contain unique material from all over Norrbotten. The oldest document is from the 16th century, but most of them are from the middle of the 19th century and onwards. They tell us about several generations of activities in different areas. You can search our list and our archives via the Visual Arkiv database. We are available to help you with searches. We can also guide and advise you on other archive institutions and libraries that may have material on the requested topic.

Go give you as good service as possible and to reduce the spread of infection, we want you to contact us before your visit. Then we can say if we have the material you want, and carry out the documents until you visit us. Follow Arkivcentrum's Facebook page for updates on opening hours, events and interesting posts about Norrbotten's history and present time.

Open for all

The Archive Center is open to anyone who is interested in the county and wants to immerse themselves in archives and literature. We help visitors to find the desired material. You can sit in the research room and study archive documents, browse through newspaper articles, take part in themed exhibitions, listen to folk music and interviews from Norrbotten, botanize in the library or read books and magazines.

Regular opening hours / telephone hours

Tuesday–Thursday 9 a.m.–3 p.m. Visit must be booked on phone number: +46 (0)920-24 35 80.
Other times we refer to voicemail or e-mail:

Phone: +46 (0)920-24 35 80
Address: Höstvägen 7, Luleå 

Do you want to take part in image support before your visit klick here (in Swedish)

Screenings for groups (eg associations and school classes) are booked via e-mail or telephone. Due to Covid-19, we are restrictive in accepting groups, but we are happy to book you in for a visit later in spring.


Copies and simple scans of archival documents can be made for a fixed fee. We do not copy delicate material as copying can damage the documents.


The research room and the library have a free wireless network.

Mikrofilm reader

In the research room, there is a microfilm reader with the option of making digital clippings for digital transmission or printing. The Archive Center has the daily newspapers Norrbottens-Kuriren and NSD on microfilm.

Listening place with music and interviews

The library has a computer with headphones and access to a large number of recordings of folk music as well as interviews about and from Norrbotten.

The Norrbotten Archive Center has the right to deposit

This means that we can borrow documents from other archival institutions in Sweden, for example from the Swedish National Archives and national archives. Own archive documents are in turn lent to institutions that are approved by the Swedish National Archives. Home loans are not allowed (Föreningsarkivet's members can, however, borrow their own deposited archive material).

The Regional Archive

The Norrbotten Region's archive is located at the Archive Center. For access to documents, contact the Regional Archives by e-mail, telephone 0920-719 93 (Monday-Friday at 8.30-12.00).