Museum shop

Due to increased spread of the Coronavirus in Luleå, the café, shop and children's exhibitions "Ground" and "In former times" are currently closed from Tuesday 3th November! The exhibitions are open.

In the museum shop, handicraft articles, jewellery and souvenirs from Norrbotten are available. We can also provide a selected assortment of books, particularly literature about and from Norrbotten.

At the moment we are updating our book register. Please send an e-mail to the museum shop if you are looking for a certain book. Submit your name, e-mailaddress and telephone number in your e-mail, and you will hear from us.

If the book is found in our assortment, we will send it to you (only within Sweden). In order to do this, we ask you to submit your name, address and national registration number (a requisite for invoicing via Region Norrbotten). Postage and freight charge are added.

Book inquiries: