Tell Us About the Pandemic

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What’s living through a pandemic like? Share your experiences with Norrbotten’s Museum.

You can tell us freely, or answer our list of questions. You choose what language you want to use, and it’s also possible to share images, sound and video. All materials that are collected will be stored in Norrbotten’s Museum’s archives, and will be accessible for the museum’s operations, to the public, and for research. Participation is voluntary, and you choose what you want to tell us, and what details you want to share.

Collection is taking place within research project Pandemic in the North, led by the Luleå University of Technology (LTU). The purpose is to gather people’s experiences to contribute to a deeper understanding of the pandemic’s effects, and better preparation in the future.

Pandemic in the North is financed by research council FORMAS, and Norrbotten’s Museum’s part has been approved by the Ethical Review Authority (registration number 2021-00625). The project will be ongoing for twelve months, and involves several parties. You can read more about the project here: Pandemi i norr: Resiliens och social mobilisering under Covid19 pandemin med fokus på Norrbotten