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Below are examples of panoramic photography, which is a technique we use when photographing architecture and environments. Welcome to enter!

Graffiti paintings under Skeppsbrogatan in Luleå

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In a hundred meter long culvert under Skeppsbrogatan in Luleå, there are about 40 graffiti paintings from 1991. From the beginning, this was an escape route from the cinema Spegeln in the department store Shopping. After the cinema was closed in 1986, the premises were used for youth events and it was in connection with this that the culvert was decorated with graffiti paintings. As the paintings are indoors, they are uniquely well-preserved.

See the graffiti paintings under Skeppsbrogatan

With the documentation of the graffiti paintings, Norrbotten's Museum came in second place in the "Contemporary Documentation of the Year 2021" in Sweden. The prize was awarded by DOSS at the Swedish Museums' spring meeting.

Kiruna old City Hall

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Kiruna City Hall was designed by the architect Artur von Schmalensee and built in 1959–1963. Schmalensee won an architectural competition with his design, which he called "The Igloo" due to its low entrance into a large open hall with high light inlets. In 1964, the City Hall was awarded the Kasper Salin Prize for "Sweden's most beautiful public building".

Kiruna Church

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Kiruna Church was designed by the architect Gustaf Wickman (1858-1916) and inaugurated in 1912. The sculptor Christian Eriksson has made several of the church building's sculptures, as well as the relief above the entrance gate. Prince Eugene has painted the altarpiece depicting a stylized, sunlit landscape.

Haparanda Church

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On June the 14th 1963, someone set fire to Haparanda Church, which burned to the ground. Four years later, the church that stands here today was inaugurated. The architect Bengt Larsson from ELLT designed the building which he named "Clean House". The new church was a stark contrast to the burntdown, traditional 19th century wooden church painted in light linseed oil colors. Or for that matter, a contrast to the majority of churches in Sweden.

The world heritage site Gammelstad Church Town

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Gammelstad's church town is the country's largest and best preserved, and on December 7th 1996, the church town was included on UNESCO's World Heritage List and thus became a World Heritage Site. Gammelstad's church town is over 400 years old with 405 church cottages, six stables and one privy. The church town spreads around the large medieval church.

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