It’s been 400 years since the towns of Piteå, Luleå and Tornio were founded. Due to that, the Norrbotten Museum, Piteå Museum and Tornedalen Museum show the co-production "Anniversary exhibition 400 years - Luleå, Piteå, Tornio".

The history of the cities is presented divided into the four centuries – from the 17th century when the cities were founded until the 20th century. For each century and place, you can read stories about a person, an event, an object and a photograph.

The Norrbotten Museum also displays a number of objects from the collections, including the Tegström sister's doll's house from the 1870s.

Staederna Mindre

Opening at each museum:

  • Tornedalen's museum, 12th Janary
  • Piteå museum, 12th Janary
  • Norrbotten's museum, 30th January


The exhibition has been produced in a collaboration between Norrbottens Museum, Piteå Museum, Tornedalen Museum, Luleå Municipality, Piteå Municipality, Tornio Municipality and Luleå University of Technology.